vrijdag 9 januari 2009

Stardoll free Stardollars new cheat!!

Before you guys call us scammers, read the whole message plz.......

We always try to findout how to get free stardollars, and now there is a way!
Our first cheat we got from an old friend......You will get 25 stardollars with this cheat...........but we have to keep this a secret..............here is what you do:

1 You have to have a hotmail.com email-account!

2 Make sure youre signed in to stardoll the whole process, it will take 10 min. max!

3 Mail you're stardoll username to a exoraptor@hotmail.com in a mail called: y7xw15308

4 Go to this link and register for metaRL!

The refferal, it's a hack, just do it!!!

Register with the hotmail email-adress you used earlier!!!!!!!!!

5 Sign in to MetaRL. go to: Games > Money Tree > Grab from Tree
You'll get only 2 MetaPoints if you get more or less, start over from step one!!!

6 Go to: Prize Shop > ( scroll down) Stardoll card- get it for 10.000 mP> Just fill in everything!

7. Sign out metaRL and go to stardoll, sign out and sign in again, type in: y7xw15308 in the code box and enjoy you're 25 stardollars!!!!


MLMJ twins


Are you like me?
Do you have a habbo account or/and a stardoll account??
Do you want free habbo coins or/and stardollars???
Well then......
Go to metaRL!!!
They give you the chance to get that and more fo free!
You just register, play games, do tasks and you'll have you're habbo coins and stardollars in no time, I did it! I swear!!!
It only took me two weeks to get my free stardollars and now I'm going after my habbo coins! and you can to!!!

Just click this link, register for free, and you'll be on you're way!


Feel free to contact me!!!!